Mike continues to push the technological limits of the craft of hand scraping.

To better serve our customers, we have heavily invested in technology and training so that we can provide the utmost in responsiveness.

As a team, we have had the privilege of doing this for almost a decade with our only real rough patch being when Mike got the great idea that he could handle the “creative” end of things as well as the real work like tracking orders and shipping. He has since learned his lesson on this in a deep and meaningful way and he is not allowed to participate in the shipping any longer.

Now Mike is quite happy to continue drawing his little pictures and poking away at his next project while his wife is very glad not to have him “helping” with the measurably important things.

From the very beginning, machinerepair.com  has always been what you could call a 'Mom and Pop' operation, perhaps a 21st century version but still only two people.

We are not fancy and have no staff but we do try to provide friendly service in a quick, business like, manner and our customer list includes groups that vary from the US Army Corps. of Engineers, the Engineering Dept. of the University of Belgium, the maintenance departments of several well major manufacturing companies, and many home-shop and machinist clubs. We are delighted to have individual customers on every continent except Antarctica, and in most of the EU nations, Australia, New Zealand, and all of the states here in the US.

Pretty much as long as you don't expect us to be Amazon.com or McMaster-Carr, you should be happy shopping here.

If you have ANY reason to complain then please contact us at: orders@machinerepair.com

Michael does not do the shipping but you can also contact him directly at michaelmorgan@machinerepair.com